Leaving Key Stage 1, they are welcomed and immersed in a Key Stage 2 curriculum. It is engaging while being student centered and innovative. The core focus areas are of English, Math and Science, where our teachers plan a lesson that has cross-curricular links that provide opportunities for children to develop critical thinking skills at a deeper level.

Social Studies and Moral Education is integrated across all curricular areas. Focusing on local culture, local issues and encouraging students to become more responsible citizens of the UAE and the world.

Our teachers use assessments to plan and adapt lessons to meet the needs of all students, while providing opportunities for students to reach their full potential. At REPS, or aim and objective is to develop confidence and opening their imagination making them into risk takers who work in collaboration to solve problems yet challenging themselves at every level.

Leaving Key Stage 2, our students are prepared for a smooth transition to any Secondary School.

Teachers  Contact:

Sewali Borah ( English)                              Rafia Begum ( Science)         Dr. Parag Gandhi (Math)

Eman Metwali (English/Moral Year 3)    Suhair Ahmed (Arabic)       Salini Gopinadh (ICT)        

Eman Basyouni (Arabic Year 3,4)              Hadeel Draz (Islamic)         Dalia Ibrahim ( Social)