Ramsis English Private School has been serving the Emirates of Ras Al Khamiah and the area of Khuzam for more than 20 years. Founded by Abdo Mohamad Ali Shalabi, Ramsis English Private School started as a dream by Mr. Shalabi. Mr. Shalabi wanted to establish an institution that provided quality education the people of Khuzam and Ras Al Khamiah. Starting from a home located in Immigration Rd, Ramsis developed into a bustling school and enrollment that was more than the home could handle.

Acquiring  Land from the government of Ras Al Kahmiah with the blessing of The Sheikh of Ras Al Khamiah, Ramsis English private School was created in Khuzam.

After many years of serving the community, the son of Mr. Abdul Hamad Shalabi, Mr . Ashraf Shalabi has now taken over and has promised the area of Khuzam to bring back the glory and quality education Ramsis was known for.

With the hiring of a new Principal from UK, establishment of Board of Governors, Ramsis is poised to offer education that can compete with any quality institution in RAK. A new building has been approved and will be developed in the next two years that will provide a new KG facility with state of the art educational tools.

From one generation to another the Ramsis name will represent success in education.