Online Safety Policy

Managing Mobile Technologies Policy

Introduction and Aims

At Ramsis English Private School the welfare and well-being of our pupils is paramount. The aim of the Mobile Phone Policy is to allow users to benefit from modern communication technologies, whilst promoting safe and appropriate practice through establishing clear and robust acceptable mobile user guidelines. This is achieved through balancing protection against potential misuse with the recognition that mobile phones are effective communication tools. This policy outlines the acceptable use of mobile phones at The Buckingham School in the context of safeguarding. At Ramsis English Private School we recognize the vulnerability of our students and the potential for exploitation and abuse through the inappropriate use of mobile phones. We take steps to ensure that our safeguarding procedures are all-encompassing and robust.

It is recognized that it is the enhanced functions of many mobile phones that cause the most concern, offering distractions and disruption to the working day, and which are most susceptible to misuse – including the taking and distribution of indecent images, exploitation and bullying. However, as it is difficult to detect specific usage, this policy refers to ALL mobile communication devices.

The policy aims to:

  • There is a shared understanding of and adherence to the policy by all stakeholders and visitors (including cleaners) and ensure increased vigilance.
  • The awareness of all staff is raised in their role of safeguarding in all areas of school life.
  • A secure an environment in which students (and their families) are protected from the risk of images being recorded and used/stored for inappropriate purposes and make sure that students receive the undivided attention of adults at all time


This policy applies to all individuals who have access to personal mobile phones on site. This includes staff, volunteers, governors, children, young people, parents, careers, visitors and visitors. This list is not exhaustive. This policy should also be read in relation to the following documentation:

  • Safeguarding Children Policy
  • Online Safety Policy
  • Acceptable use Policy
  • Password Security Policy
  • Student behavior Management Policy.


Code of conduct

A code of conduct is promoted with the aim of creating a cooperative workforce, where staff work as a team, have high values and respect each other; thus, creating a strong morale and sense of commitment leading to increased productivity.

Our aim is therefore that all practitioners:

  • have a clear understanding of what constitutes misuse.
  • know how to minimize risk.
  • understand the need for professional boundaries and clear guidance regarding acceptable use.
  • are responsible for self-moderation of their own behaviors.
  • are aware of the importance of reporting concerns promptly.

At Ramsis English Private School we recognize that mobile phones play an important part in our lives and when used as they are intended, can bring substantial benefits.

We also acknowledge that there is a risk that they can be used for the taking, storing and using of images inappropriately in a way that denies student’s right to dignity, privacy and respect.

An agreement of trust is therefore promoted regarding the carrying and use of mobile phones within the setting, which is agreed to by all users:

Personal Mobiles – Staff

Staff members may bring mobile phones onto the school site on the understanding that the device:

1.1 Is used only in the staffroom, outside of the school gate, or in office spaces when no students are present.

2.1 Only used during break times and at either end of the school day.

3.1 When off-site, designated members of the group will have a mobile phone available for emergency contact with the school, with each other or with the emergency services. In this context phones will not be used to make or receive personal calls.

4.1 Personal mobile phones must not be used to take photos of students except in very exceptional circumstances when permission from a senior leader must been sought and granted in advance and the image erased as soon as possible in the presence of a work colleague.

5.1 Teachers who use a personal mobile phone, outside of the school day, to exchange information with parents must do so with extreme caution. Teachers are strongly discouraged from doing so.

The above information is shared with new staff members as part of the induction process.

  • Staff should report any usage of mobile devices that causes them concern to

the Headteacher.

  • Staff are not at any time permitted to use recording equipment on their mobile phones, for example: to take recordings of children, or sharing images.

It is the responsibility of all staff members to exercise vigilance at all times and to raise concerns as soon as possible, either directly with the person who is contravening expectations or by reporting the incident to Social Worker or Head of Department as soon as possible after the event.

In the event that you have a concern or are contacted by external party regarding safe guarding emergency, the social Worker. The Social Worker should be contacted immediately concern is raised/reported. Detail surrounding reported incidents will be investigated and action taken accordingly.

Visitors (including parents, professionals, others):

1.1 Visitors may bring mobile phones on to the school site but are asked to switch them off and place them out-of-sight until they leave exiting the school gates/reception. This is done as part of our school safeguarding priorities.


Mobile Phones for work related purposes

We recognize that mobile phones provide a useful means of communication on offsite

activities. However, staff should ensure that:

  • Mobile use on these occasions is appropriate and professional (and will never

include taking photographs of children).

  • Mobile phones should not be used to make contact with parents during school

trips – all relevant communications should be made via the school office.

  • Where parents are accompanying trip’s, they are informed not to make contact with other parents (via calls, text, email or social networking) during the trip or use their phone to take photographs of children.

Personal Mobiles – Pupils

We recognize that mobile phones are part of everyday life for many children and that

they can play an important role in helping pupils to feel safe and secure. However, we

also recognize that they can prove a distraction in school and can provide a means

of bullying or intimidating others. Therefore:

  • Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones at school or on trips.
  • If in the rare event of a parent wishing for his/her child to bring a mobile phone to school to contact the parent after school: the parent must discuss the issue first with their child’s teacher. The phone must be handed in, switched off, to the office first thing in the morning and collected from them by the child at home time.
  • Mobile phones brought to school without permission will be confiscated and

returned at the end of the day.

Where mobile phones are used in or out of school to bully or intimidate others, then the Social worker does have the power to intervene ‘to such an extent as it is reasonable to regulate the behavior of pupils when they are off the school site’ – refer to Students Behavior Management Policy.


All visitors are expected to follow our mobile phone policy as it relates to staff whilst on the premises. On arrival, such visitors will be informed of our expectations around the use of mobile phones.


Parents are requested not to use their mobile phones while in school. Phones should be on silent and out of sight.

We do however allow parents to photograph or video their kids at school events such as shows or sports days using their mobile phones – but insist that parents do not publish images (e.g. on social networking sites) that include any children other than their own.

Please refer to Guidance on the Use of Photographic Images and Videos of Children

in Schools.


The mobile phone policy will be shared with staff and volunteers as part of their induction. It will also be available to parents via the school office and website.

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Please only sign if you have fully read the REPS Mobile Phone Policy. By signing the acceptance form you are agreeing that you have fully understood the REPS Mobile Phone Policy.

I hereby confirm that I have read and fully understood the terms and conditions document attached and will strictly follow the REPS Mobile Phone Policy.









reviewed December 2020